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Countermeasures to Prevent the Pollution Discharge of Needle Insulators

Aug. 28, 2021

HDPE Pin Type Insulation Device

HDPE Pin Type Insulation Device

Pin insulators have many popular features as a product commonly used in the construction of power systems. What are the specific features?


Pin insulators have the following main features.

1. Electrical function: The destructive discharge that occurs along the surface of the insulator is called flashover, and the flashover characteristic is the main electrical function of the pin insulator. For different voltage levels, insulators have different voltage withstand requirements, the purpose of which is power disturbance, wet withstand, lightning shock withstand, lightning shock chopper withstands, operating shock withstand, etc.


To avoid a breakdown during operation, the breakdown voltage of the insulator is higher than the flashover voltage. In the factory test, breakdown porcelain insulators are generally subjected to spark test, i.e. high voltage is applied to make the insulating surface spark frequently, after a certain period of time to see if the breakdown.


2. Mechanical function: insulators are often affected by mechanical forces such as gravity and tension of the conductor, wind, ice weight, insulator self-weight, conductor oscillation, the mechanical force of equipment operation, short-circuit power, earthquake, etc. in the process of operation. The relevant regulations have strict requirements on the mechanical functions.


3. Thermal function: Field insulators are required to have the ability to withstand drastic temperature changes. For example, porcelain insulators require several cooling and heating cycles without cracking. As current passes through the insulating casing, the temperature rise and permissible short-term current values of its components and insulating parts must comply with the relevant regulations.

25kV Modified Polyethylene HDPE Pin Type Insulation Device

 25kV Modified Polyethylene HDPE Pin Type Insulation Device

HDPE pin insulators are designed to support distribution and sub-transmission conductors, typically in a vertical orientation, by threading the insulator onto a pin installed on the crossarm or pole. Conducting cables are secured to pin insulators with the use of wire ties.


Features of HDPE pin insulators

– High mechanical strength;

– Good performance of hydrophobicity and anti-pollution;

– Excellent electrical Performance;

– Small volume and lightweight.


Contamination discharge of pin insulators is the flashover of the contaminated outer insulation of machines and equipment at operating frequencies when the presence of contaminants causes certain discharge conditions. If you want to know more information about the Pin type insulation device for sale, welcome to contact us.


Basic information on contamination discharge of needle insulators

In the geographical environment, pin insulators are subjected to nitrogen oxides, acidic salts, and particulate dust, which slowly build up a layer of dirt on the surface. When the temperature is dry, this contaminated insulator maintains a high level of insulation and its discharge operating voltage approaches that of clean conditions. 

22-33kV HDPE Cable Spacer Modified Polyethylene Cable Spacer

22-33kV HDPE Cable Spacer Modified Polyethylene Cable Spacer

When cold and wet temperatures such as fog, dew, drizzle, and melting ice and snow are encountered, the surface of the pin insulator digests and absorbs moisture, the electrolyte solution in the dirty layer melts and the weak electrolyte causes the insulator to conduct electricity. The dirty layer increases. The surface leakage current of the pin insulator will increase.


Countermeasures to prevent the pollution discharge of needle insulators

1. Adjust the creepage distance of the pin insulator or choose anti-fouling insulators and silicone insulators with high anti-fouling ability.

2. Clean the insulator and keep the surface of the insulator neat and tidy.

3. Select a variety of pollution-resistant architectural coatings to be applied to the surface of the pin insulator.

4. Selecting a variety of weatherproof covers and silicone climbing skirts.

5. Use glazed insulators of semiconductor materials.

6. Increase the scope of rectification by conducting zero-quality and counterfeit inspections of insulator strings on time, and immediately removing and replacing zero-value and counterfeit insulators.


By taking the above measures, the occurrence of pollution discharge of pin insulators can be effectively prevented and accidents can be reduced.

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