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Fitting for Fuse Cutout

Protective Fittings are used to restrain aeolian vibration of conductor and ground wire for overhead transmission line or to grade and to shield the insulator string of 330kV and above. For example: dampers, spacers, grading and hielding ring.

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product details

1.Ensure that the conductor and insulators are suspended at their correct positions.
2.Ensure that cables remain stable despite the external vagaries of nature such as wind and storm.
3.Complete the connection of different powerline components
4.Can be used to enhance the safety of the powerline.
5.There could be many other roles that are performed by powerline accessories.


1. High over-current protection capability, high breaking current.
2. High industrial frequency withstands voltage, and mechanical strength, etc.
3. High quality on strict testing.

Fitting for fuse cutout

Technical Details

MaterialStainless steel
TypeComposite insulator end fitting

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