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  • Galvanized Steel Nut

Galvanized Steel Nut

Galvanized Steel 5/16 Nut

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Galvanized Steel 5/16 Nut


Nuts are widely use in manufacture industry, such as automobile manufacturing, construction, agricultural machinery, rail transit, and so on. The material of nuts is divided into several major types, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metal (such as copper).

Hexagon nut is used in conjunction with the bolt and screw, and it plays the role of fastening the machine parts.

The thickness of this product is 13mm, belongs to thickening.Usually thick nuts and thin nuts are used together. Thick nuts are used for fastening bolts. Force section is the pitch of thick nuts. Thin nuts are used for preventing loosening of thick nuts.


Nuts are widely used in construction and to create a bolted joint. They are available with coarse or fine threads. Use with a screw or hex bolt to create a strong connection.

1) Used to connect both metal and wood components

2) Made from galvanized steel for great corrosion resistance

3) Use a 3/4 in. socket or wrench to tighten



1) Wide range of applications;

2) Characterized by a larger fastening force;

3) The installation can be used to live wrenches, open-end wrenches or glasses wrenches, the above wrenches require a lot of space for operation.


Crimp Force Capacity60 ton
Dimension - Bolt Size fraction5/16
Dimension - Thread Size5/16-18
Dimension - Threads per inch18

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