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Applications of Composite Insulators

Oct. 25, 2021

In the early years, insulators were mostly used in electric poles. With the development of science and technology, many disc insulators were slowly developed at one end of the towers connected to high voltage power lines. They are used to increase the creepage interval and are usually made of glass or ceramic and are called insulators. The two basic roles of insulators in overhead transmission lines, namely to support the conductors and to prevent backflow of current, are to ensure that, in both cases, the insulators should not be subject to various electrical and mechanical stresses and faults due to changes in the environment and electrical load conditions, or that the insulators do not have a significant impact that would impair the use and full operation of the entire line.


Applications of composite insulators

Composite insulators are particularly suitable for dirty areas, high mechanical tensile loads, large spans, and compact lines. They are characterized by their lightweight, small size, low breakage, bending, high torsional strength, and high explosion resistance.


Composite Suspension Insulator Product Structure

It consists of glass fibre epoxy resin tie rods, silicone rubber skirts and fittings. The silicone rubber umbrella skirt adopts the integral pressure injection process, which solves the key problem affecting the reliability of the electric breakdown of the composite insulator-interface. The connection between the glass tie rod and the metal fittings is made by a good crimping process. It is equipped with an automatic acoustic flaw detection system. With high strength, beautiful appearance, small volume, lightweight and galvanized metal fittings to prevent corrosion. Use, this product has a reliable structure, does not damage the mandrel, and can give full play to its mechanical strength.


Composite Insulators


Composite Insulator

Composite insulator Product performance

Superior electrical performance, high mechanical strength, the internal bending strength of the epoxy glass fibre ties is twice that of ordinary steel and 8-10 times that of high strength ceramic materials, effectively improving the reliability of safe operation.


Good anti-fouling performance, strong anti-fouling flashing ability, wet withstand voltage and fouling withstand voltage is 2~2.5 times of similar creeping electric porcelain insulators, no need to clean, can be in the field of safe operation under heavy pollution environment.


- Small volume and lightweight (only 1/6-1/9 of porcelain insulators of the same voltage level), light and compact structure, easy to transport and install.

- Good waterproof performance of the silicone rubber umbrella skirt, the overall structure ensures that the internal insulation is not exposed to moisture, no preventive insulation monitoring tests are required, no cleaning is needed and the daily maintenance workload is reduced.

- Good sealing performance, strong resistance to galvanic corrosion, the umbrella skirt material resistance to leakage start-up to TMA 4.5 level, with good resistance to aging, corrosion, low temperature, can be applied to -40 ℃ ~ +5 ℃ area.


-Has strong impact and shock resistance, its good brittleness and creep resistance, not easy to break, bending, torsional strength, can withstand internal pressure, strong explosion-proof force, can be used with porcelain and glass insulators interactively.


- The mechanical and electrical properties of the composite insulator series are better than porcelain insulators and have a large operating safety margin. They are the newer products for power lines.

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