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Galvanized Guy Clamp

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The galvanized guy clamp is one type of pole line hardware used to secure the ends of the guy strand wires, it consists of 2 carbon steel pieces with two straight parallel grooves that will not damage the guy strand. Guy clamp is also called guy wire clamp. One set guy clamp includes 2 pieces. There are two grooves on each piece of guy clamp. According to the number of bolts, there are 3 types:1 bolt guy clamp, 2 bolt guy clamp, and 3 bolt guy clamp. 3 bolt clamp is most used due to the excellent performance. In different markets, there are different designs of the guy clamp.


The galvanized guy clamp can be used again in case the sides of the clamp and bolts are not damaged. It is used in conjunction with an anchor rod and a stay wire to provide extra support and stability to the pole. In a situation where a stay wire cuts across an anchor rod, a 3-bolt guy clamp comes in use. It makes sure that the stay wire is in position and does not creep down. The guy clamp has grooves that clad the stay wire in place to prevent them from unnecessary movements. 



1) The galvanized guy clamp has two metallic plates of the same size placed one on top of the other.
2)These unique features prevent the guy clamp form turning as you tighten the nuts to the bolts. They hold the guy clamp in place so that the process of tightening can continue smoothly.
3)A bolt and a nut are used to hold the two pieces together.



CoatingGalvanized, ASTM A-153
TypeGuy Deadend
Weight0.58 lb

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