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What Is The Application of Pole Top Pin?

Nov. 24, 2021

In any functional transmission line, you are likely to find pole top pins. This is a power line accessory that is usually used in combination with a pin insulator. It is specifically designed to support the insulator at the top of the pole. The pole top pin is usually supported on the pole with the help of bolts. These bolts ensure that the insulator is firmly fixed.


The pole top pin is constructed from the iconic hot-dipped galvanized steel. This material is known for its great tensile strength. It is a material you can rely on for all heavy-duty applications. You won't have to spend a lot of money replacing this powerline accessory. The pole tip is manufactured to global standards. It exceeds the minimum load in both lateral and longitudinal directions.


Problems such as heat, dust, water, and chemicals will not be a problem as the pole top pin is hot-dipped-galvanized. The galvanizing process provides maximum protection from the elements for power line accessories. The pole top pin is simple in design. Its simplicity makes it easy to install and remove when you want access to the insulator unit. It is straight and has a specific number of holes or recesses in the base


It is also important to note that pole top pins are available in different sizes in terms of length. This naturally means that some of these overhead power fittings are longer than others. You should therefore go ahead and specify the size you require when purchasing a rod top pin.

Insulator Pole Top Pin

 Insulator Pole Top Pin      

What are the components of the rod top pin?

The fitting is a pin and therefore does not come with many of the components attached to it. However, unlike a normal pin, the rod top pin comes with a number of mounting holes which are spaced apart from each other. These holes are used as attachment points on the rod. The tip of the pin is threaded for easy installation.

What Is The Application of Pole Top Pin?

Pole top pins are mainly used in most pole and line transmission installations. This is a common accessory in major installations that transmit high voltages. pole top pins are required for transmission lines between 11kv and 33kv.


What are pole top pins made of?

The pole top pin is made of galvanized ASTM steel metal, which is strong and corrosion-resistant. The threaded tip of the pole top pin is made of lead.


What are the dimensions of the rod top pin?

The length of the rod thimbles varies from 18" to 20". The holes in the ejector pins are available in different diameters. The size you choose depends on your application.

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